CREO Law & Intellectual Property was established in 1978, and now has a full-time staff of approximately 50 personnel, including 13 patent attorneys, 3 lawyers and a native Chinese IP specialist. Thus, we are able to handle IP cases in Japanese, English and Chinese, including patents, utility model registrations, designs, and trademarks.
 On behalf of our clients, we can also handle new applications, oppositions, appeals, litigations regarding infringements, expert opinions, ADR, license agreements, special unfair competition cases, etc. in Japan. We also handle such cases in foreign countries through overseas associates. Our goal is to offer professional, prompt and effective services to our clients wishing to secure Law & Intellectual Property rights.
 We recognize the importance of close contact and cooperation between overseas patent firms, clients and ourselves through communication in writing and face-to-face so as to establish strong, friendly and effective relationships.
 Our Chinese IP staff is able to offer extensive and effective services for our clients with respect to incoming and outgoing Chinese/Taiwanese cases.
 We have wealth of experiences for handling patent prosecutions/litigations in various technical fields including mechanics, physics, electrics, electronics, chemistry, biotech, pharmaceutics etc. Our experienced trademark team will ensure your trademark to be handled properly with the greatest care and be appropriately registered in Japan Patent Office.


CREO means creative in Latin. Our office’s registered trademark consists of an N-engraved large blue circle and a small blue circle.
 The large blue circle symbolizes the earth, and the engraved N represents the initial letter of the president, Mr. Nishiwaki. The small blue circle symbolizes an idea emanating from the N tunnel of the large blue circle.
 The blue color, the small circle and the large circle, respectively represent our three concepts: to be intellectual; to be creative; and to be global.


1978  Established Nishiwaki IP Firm
2001  CREO International IP Firm
           Created a logo
2010  CREO Law & IP Firm
2015  CREO Law & IP LPC